Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Bhutan Beckons

There is something about Bhutan. If she is a woman, she would be shy yet wild, beautiful yet solemn, quiet yet colourful. She would be contrasting herself. She would be so unique. And that's why she takes many strangers' heart and keeps it. 

11 years later, I went back to collect my heart that is left there and instead she now has taken my soul too. Oh. Bhutan indeed beckons

First reason why Bhutan beckons. The smiles. The miles of smiles. It captivates. 

I even got to dress up in a Gho. Looking as handsome as a young prince. But the menfolk shook their heads and refused to take me out if I dorn the Gho. I suspect because I will get more attention from the ladies than they can. They don't want competition. 

But I suppose I fare ok in the kira too. Specially chosen by Karma for me. They say I can pass off as a Bhutanese lady if I keep my mouth shut after saying Kuzuzangpo. 

And how I love the children. They are so bright. So cute. And my, speak such beautiful English too

And the beautiful sights

And most of all, my sweet brother dupchu. Who took time off to take care of me. He is my chauffeur, camera man, translator, bag carrier, protector, guide. And he does it with such graciousness. And each night as he drops me off at the hotel, he would say. I am so happy today. What beautiful words

Sunday, 15 June 2014

My wonderful brother - Dupchu

Dupchu and I met back in 2003. He was a young and shy person back then, so much so my husband was laughing, saying that all my male friends blush when they meet with me in person. 

Fast forward 11 years, Dupchu now invited us back to his country as his guests. Yes he is still so,what shy. Somewhat quiet. But his heart is generous and overflows with warmth and care. His first words are You re my family. I am happy to take care of you in Bhutan. 

When we are at the riverside today I mentioned that I love collecting smooth rocks. He immediately swirled into action and swoop up many rocks for me to choose as souvenir. 

What a wonderful brother he is