Saturday, 26 November 2016

Those who inspire Hong Kong

The Honourable Mrs Anson Chan is the first woman and the first Chinese to become Chief Secretary of Hong Kong both under the British Rule and Chinese Administration. When I asked her how can she handle so many things with grace, with elegance, with style and always so composed, she said. When something is worth doing. It's worth doing well. 

She said that to me in 2012 and that advice changed my life forever. Before I was just busy doing many many things, but most of it not as well as I want to. So instead of feeling good about doing more, I felt guilty, I felt burdened and most of all, I felt ashamed because sometimes I just got the thing done for the sake of getting it done. 

Anson's advice made me look critically at all my work on hand and start to pare down. just focus on what is worth doing, so I could do it to the best I could. As a result I have more fulfilment, happiness in doing that few things that matter. 

May you also take Anson words of wisdom to heart.

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